Blenko Glass

Located in Milton, WV, Blenko has been family owned and operated since 1893. Known for their exquisite range of colors and beautiful designs, all pieces are blown by hand and make timeless additions to your home while keeping American craftsmanship alive.

Mexican Glass

Hand blown by glass making artisans in Mexico, each glass is as beautiful as it is unique. This glass is dubbed "bubble glass" from a technique passed down for centuries where the artisans incapsulate small air bubbles inside the glass.


Mexican Paper Flowers

Dating as far back to colonial times when modern paper was first brought to Mexico, paper flowers became a staple for adorning altars and creating decorations for celebrations for all kinds. Flowers are still handmade today and as vibrant as ever thanks to the help of bright modern dyes.


Santa Rosa Candles

Traditionally designed as church candles in Mexico, these Santa Rosa candles are all handmade by Rose Ann Hall Studios which is entirely run by artisans with physical disabilities. The candles are made by pouring hot paraffin wax over hanging wicks, creating slight variations in each piece. Look on the bottom of the candles and you can see the rings of layered wax from this process.