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Taper 1" dia x 12" height - Set of 6

Taper 1" dia x 12" height - Set of 6

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These well renowned Santa Rosa candles were originally made to grace the altars in churches and in the homes of Mexico. Taking from a decades long tradition, each candle is meticulously hand dipped one layer at a time in paraffin wax by skilled local artisans. The candles are then stamped with the iconic gold Santa Rosa label. Each candle is created uniquely and may vary slightly in shape and color. We recommend using these candles in candleholders or on candle plates, as they are not dripless. Santa Rosa candles are perfect for rustic settings and creating ambiance for any occasion!

1" x 1" x 12"

Trim wicks to 1/8 inch before each lighting

Handmade in Mexico

 This is the medium size taper that we sell.  Please measure before ordering.  Set of 6 candles.

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